Borders are the boundaries delimiting the Clan territories (either separating two Clans, or a Clan and a neutral territory). They are usually defined along geographical features, such as rivers or Thunderpaths. Borders are checked and marked twice daily by patrols. Crossing a border into another Clan's territory is considered breaking The Warrior Code. Template:Startspoiler

Clan BordersEdit

At The ForestEdit

  • ThunderClan shared borders with RiverClan (along the river) and ShadowClan (along a Thunderpath)
  • As ShadowClan was on the opposite side of the Thunderpath, it shared borders with only ThunderClan (along the aforementioned Thunderpath)
  • RiverClan shared borders with ThunderClan and WindClan; both borders were along the river
  • WindClan shared a border only with RiverClan, along the river that flowed in a gorge

Note: The Thunderpath was built only some time after the Clans moved in. Before it was constructed, there was no fixed border, and the Clans always fought over territory[1].

At The LakeEdit

  • ThunderClan shares borders with WindClan (the stream leading to the Moonpool) and ShadowClan (a part of a stream, a clearing, then going straight towards the hills)
  • ShadowClan shares borders with RiverClan (a small Thunderpath leading to a Greenleaf Twolegplace) and ThunderClan (described above)
  • RiverClan shares borders with WindClan (the marshes and the Horseplace) and ShadowClan (the small Thunderpath)
  • WindClan shares borders with ThunderClan (the stream) and RiverClan (the marshes and the Horseplace)


Patrols check and mark the borders to ensure they haven't been crossed and make sure they are clear. Clans patrol their borders two times a day, at dawn and at sunset, unless more are needed due to danger.

Crossing the BorderEdit

Unless a cat is allowed by an other Clan to enter their territory, crossing the border is a sign of aggression and often leads to battle. The Clan finding intruders in its territory usually attacks them or chases them out. However, at the lake, cats are allowed to travel three tail-lengths away from the water if they are on an important mission.

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