A deputy is a loyal warrior who is second in command to the leader, helping him or her in their tasks and replacing them immediately after their death or retirement.


The newly appointed leader of a Clan must decide on a new deputy before moonhigh, and also must state his or her name before the body of the old deputy so the spirit of the old deputy will hear and approve the leader's choice.

When the leader dies or retires, the current deputy will become the new leader.

A cat may not become deputy unless he or she has mentored at least one apprentice.


A deputy can resign from their position if he or she wishes to do so, for instance to retire as an elder. They can also be deposed by the leader if considered unfit for the position. In either of the cases, a new deputy will be named before moonhigh.


Tasks of a Clan deputy include:

  • Assisting the leader in their tasks; they are a sort of "apprentice leader"
  • Assigning border patrols and listening to their reports
  • Organizing warrior trainings to keep up their skills
  • Making reports to the Clan leader
  • Substitute for the Clan leader on Gatherings and in battles if they are unavailable
  • As a deputy is also a warrior, he is expected to carry out warrior tasks as well (patrolling, hunting, mentoring etc). They do not have a den of their own, but sleep with the other warriors.

If the deputy is unavailable, the senior warriors will distribute the deputy's tasks between them.

List of Deputies by ClanEdit


Deputy Later Name Entered Rank In Left Rank In
Cindersky None Before Changing Hearts Left To Stay
Wildpanther None Changing Hearts ---

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