Within the Warriors world, the cats live in a highly structured society that is firmly divided into four groups known as Clans.

The living Clan cats are born into either MysteryClan, SecretClan, PuzzleClan, or SoulClan (also known as DeathClan), while deceased cats who were believers in the religious structure and generally followed the Warrior Code join together as SpiritClan. SoulClan was the fourth Clan, but they were forced to leave when their leader turned against SpiritClan and formed a revelion.

The Clans Edit

MysreyClan Edit

MysteryClan is known

SecretClan Edit

ShadowClan is

PuzzleClan Edit

ThunderClan is

SoulClan Edit

WindClan is

Clan HierarchyEdit


A Clan leader is charged with the responsibility to watch over and manage an entire Clan, maintaining discipline, order, and protection. They are granted nine lives and a new name with the ending '-star' in a ceremony where nine StarClan cats come to them in a dream at Free Mountain.


The deputy is the second-in-command to the leader, and may be considered an apprentice to the art of leading the Clan. They serve in the leader's place in situations where the leader is unable to fulfill their duties.

To become a deputy, a cat must have trained at least one apprentice. Upon the leader's death, they become the leader and go to Free Mountain so SpiritClan can grant them nine lives. Deputies may also retire and give up their place as deputy if they wish.

Medicine CatEdit

The medicine cat serves the Clan as both their spiritual leader and healer. In addition to their responsibilities to their Clan, they have responsibility to one another and SpiritClan. They carry out their responsibilities to StarClan once every half-moon, meeting together to discuss matters privately and share dreams with SpiritClan. Clan leaders often rely on them to carry messages from SpiritClan, as medicine cats have a link no other cat has to the dead.

As a healer, they gather herbs and dispense them as an apothecary would. They handle diagnosis and treatment of both illness and injury for all the cats in the Clan.

In their role as spiritual leader, they teach the code, interpret omen and prophecy, and generally serve the Clan as a conduit between the earthly cats and their ghostly counterparts.

As a medicine cat, they are not allowed to have a mate or kits.

Medicine Cat ApprenticeEdit

A medicine cat apprentice is the cat that is being trained to follow in the paw-steps of the medicine cat. They learn healing and spiritual lore from the medicine cat. Medicine cat apprentices also accompany their mentors in their visit to Free Mountain every half-moon to receive dreams from SpiritClan.

Frequently, a medicine cat apprentice who has full training will be given an adult name ('-paw' replaced with another ending); however, medicine cat apprentices remain apprentices even when fully trained so long as the current medicine cat is still practicing the arts.

At the time the old medicine cat either dies or steps down, the medicine cat apprentice becomes a full medicine cat, somewhat like the leader/deputy relationship.

Senior WarriorEdit

A senior warrior is considered part of the upper level of warriors. Though not exactly an official tier of a Clan's organization (i.e. there is no ceremony or exact time that a cat becomes a senior), these warriors are the older, more experienced warriors in a Clan and handle most of the training of apprentices, leading patrols and handling other duties that require a cat of proved responsibility and maturity.

They can often be close friends to the leader and sleep in or near the middle of the warriors' den, so they keep warm even in the coldest of nights; new warriors sleep near the edge.


A warrior is a cat trained in the arts of fighting and hunting. Warriors make up the bulk of a Clan, and provide that Clan with the protection and food supply that keeps it safe and well-fed. Typically, a cat is made a warrior at or over the age of twelve moons. In their oath to become a warrior, they promise to 'uphold the warrior code and protect and defend [the] Clan, even at the cost of [their] life.'

Warrior dens are very often near the front of the Clan, where they can protect the rest of their Clan from attacks.


A queen is a she-cat with or expecting kits. Their primary task during this time is the raising of their kits.

Some queens stay in the nursery after they have kits. They are thought to do this because they feel they can help the nursing queens. The queens most often help other queens when no milk is available, or when the mother is ill/dead.

Kits are protected from attacks and the nursery is often situated at the back of the camp, away from the entrance.


An elder is a retired warrior, deputy, queen or medicine cat who is too old or not in suitable shape to continue with their duties. They are responsible for taking the body of a dead cat out to be buried.

Some cats don't become an elder only because of old age; if there is ever a condition which prevents the cat from fulfilling their duties to their Clan, it usually leads to the cat's decision of retiring.


An apprentice is a cat in training to become a warrior. Their names end in the word '-paw' (e.g. Bearpaw, Shimmerpaw, Nightpaw). Most usually are at or over the age of six moons. They have a mentor appointed to them at their ceremony and most days are taken out battle training or hunting. They are also given the task of cleaning out bedding. Apprentices are not allowed to have a mate or kits, likely because of their young age or not to interupt their training.


A kit is a cat who has not been made an apprentice yet. Their names always end in '-kit' (e.g. Muddykit, Kestrelkitkit, Wolfkit). Most often, they are under the age of six moons.

They stay in the nursery and are forbidden to go into the territory until they are made into an apprentice.

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