Mentors are warriors of a Clan who teach apprentices in the ways of a Clan warrior.


When a kit reaches six moons, he or she is given a mentor. The mentor teaches them how to fight, hunt, patrol, and prepares them for life as a warrior. When a leader assigns a new apprentice a mentor, they choose pairings based on seniority and whether or not the pair will be able to work together. Apprentices are rarely mentored by their own parents - they would be too lenient with their kits.

Warriors are able to request a kit they would like to mentor although this does not necessarily guarantee they will be chosen as a mentor to said kit once they reach six moons. A warrior will often watch a kit they hope to mentor, to become familiar with the particular kit.

Mentors can have more than one apprentice, but this is not frequent. Warriors require certain qualities to be mentors.

Leaders usually only train the deputy's kits and other kits of important heritage.

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