Secret To Keep
Hiddenpaw is about to find out a dangerous secret that must be kept at all costs...'And worst of all, her dreams came back-she must do everything in her power to keep bad things from happening...
Main Characters
Hiddenpaw - sleek black she-kit with graceful slender shape and golden eyes like the sun.
Wildpanther - Huge black tom with white paws and amber eyes.
Bearpaw - large reddish-brown tom with bright piercing ice-blue eyes.
Littlepaw - skinny and small white she cat with black spotted fur, a strikingly pink nose, and blue eyes.
Shimmerpaw - Tortoiseshell she-cat with huge shimmery green eyes.
Reasons for Writing This
To entertain.
The Message
Coming Soon
Author's Note
Hiddensun♥ is a teen girl. This is the first book in All Is Danger. For a list of more characters go here. Thanks to all of you that support these series!
Enjoy! ッ

Hidden Spirit Series
Preceded by:
Secret To Keep
Over The Horizon Succeded by:
No Coming Back


Prologue - The Revenge - ThornstarEdit

"Thornstar. Your spies have come back." the dark gray she-cat meowed slowly as soon as she padded inside the den. Her eyes showed anxiety and her small smile that ran along her face was the sign of success.

The huge tabby tom turned around to look at the she-cat. His face was expresionless and his eyes shone brightly, reflecting the light from outside, in the darkness of the cave. He stood up, showing off his muscles and gave a quick shake. "Bring them in. Oh and get me Crowsong to bring me some prey. Tell her to bring me the usual."

The dark gray she-cat nodded politely and ran off outside. Her meows were heard and soon after two cats came inside. One was a cream-coloured tom and the other was a pale silver tom with black spots all around him. Both toms took a few steps after enterring, afraid of getting too close and sat down, ready to speak at their leader's command.

"I suppose to have good news or else it would be a pity for such good warriors to let their lives go to waste." Thornstar simply meowed and flicked his tail for them to start talking.

"They're located just where they've always been. The old DeathClan territory is unhabited. Apparantly, none of them dare to go into it." the cream-coloured tom meowed.

"Though we've seen a few cats steal prey from there. But as leaf-bare left, the number of tresspasers decreased." the other tom meowed, his voice showed how nervous he was and he looked at the leader with questioning eyes.

Thornstar nodded and after a few minutes of silent he stoop up. "That's it? And the gatherings? Their territory? Is it all the same?" he snarled at them.

"Ye..yes. It's all the same. The clans have kept their rituals and everything." the cream tom quickly meowed. "Everything is the same."

"Alright then." Thornstar flicked his tail and both toms quickly rushed out of the den. A muscular ginger tom, who had been sititng on the entrance all along, finally padded in followed by a skinny black she-cat carrying prey and some herbs.

"Everything is in order Thornstar. I've given the order to start gathering travelling herbs and get themselves ready. Kits, elders, everyone." the ginger tom meowed and lied down on a rock.

"You're already giving commands without my permission Stealthclaw? Keep it up and the clan will think you're their new leader." he meowed, his voice sounding annoyed. The black she-cat placed the fat squirrel she had brough in infront of Thornstar and started making a new nest with the moss that was taked away at the end of the den.

"The clan thinks nothing. They just follow your oders. I have a right to give orders, you know?" Stealthclaw meowed, grabbing a fat mouse the black she-cat had left for him be the stack of moss.

"Only because you have Deathstar's blood running through your veins means that you have a right to be my deputy. Don't give me an excuse to kill you." he growled.

"Kill me and you're killing Deathstar's only alive descendant. That is something you ahve no right of doing. According to Deathstar's and GhostClan's law, you shall be punished if you do kill the last descendant." Stealthclaw simply meowed as he took bites of his mouse.

The black she-cat placed the wet moss she had brough in on Thornstar's pelt. She then padded to the moss stack and grabbed a few berries, and placed them beside Thornstar's fat squirrel. As soon as she was done, she gave a quick look at Stealthclaw and rushed outside.

Thornstar growled at his deputy's words and took a huge aggrevise bite of his prey. "Yeah. So why don't you just make Crowsong your mate and have kits. That way I can kill you and get it over with." he meowed nudging his head over to where the black she-cat, Crowsong, had left. "I've seen you two. You're just jalous she's my servant."

Stealthclaw laughed. "Don't think you're getting rid of me that easily. Just focus on killing those three clans and then we'll see and talk about my future descendants."

=Chapter 1 - Lethal Sickness - HiddenpawEdit

"I'm sorry Hiddenpaw. Right now I can't help you." fairheart meowed and rushed as fast as she could outside of the medicine cat's den. I sighed feeling a little lightheaded. Both Fairheart and Sweetpaw had been so busy these past days. So many cats had been feeling sick with coughs nad pain in their throats. It seemed like greencough, but Fairheart had said that wasn't it. She said it was something else that wasn't part of her knowledge.

I padded outside looking desperately for another way to solve at least one of my problems. Each of them brough serious trouble and I couldn't help but feel my head in pain.

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